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Grandpa coms to visit on Sunday. He brings salami, rye bread, mustard and pickles for the whole family. I can smell the salami when I give him a hug. Grandpa used to come together with Grandma Sarah, but she died, so now he comes alone. Sometimes Grandpa is sad. Sometimes Mom is sad. And sometimes so am I. 


After lunch Grandpa likes to rest in the hammock in our back yard. I like the hammock too, bu tI always fall out of it. Dad told me I have to get into the hamock slowly. I never told Dad I like falling out of the hammock....

I Hate Everyone

It's my birthday .
So boo!
I hate all of you.
I love ice cream.
I hate you.
Don't sing!

Did you ever wish everyone would go away and leave you alone, and then, change your mind?


wiggle wiggle
go your toes
0ff off
come your clothes

A teddy bear goes through a bath and bedtime ritual: getting soaped, sudsed, washed, rinsed, toweled dry, and tucked in.

Walk With Me

open the door

the warming

A toddler enjoys the sights and sensations on a walk to the park.

It's Tot Shabbat

At our synagogue...
while the grown-ups pray,
in another room the children play.
This is my Shabbat club.

A young child goes to synagogue and has an opportunity to play with other children. Some of the children's activities, such as hearing--and acting out-- a story from the Torah, and saying a blessing before eating a snack, are similar to what the grown-ups do.