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Bye, Car

illustrated by Daniel Rieley

Child's Play International, 2021

Kirkus Reviews

<A favorite preschool pastime—watching an assortment of passing vehicles—takes on a new eco-friendly angle.

From an apartment window, two children enjoy waving and saying "Bye" to the multitude of cars that come along their busy city street. "Bye car. / Bye another car. / Bye near car." Once they leave the apartment in the company of an adult, their "Bye"s become more descriptive. "Bye grown-up car. / Bye baby car. / Bye big car. / Bye tiny car." They continue their outing, and the noise and hubbub of city traffic increases. "Bye howling car. / Bye growling car. / Bye noisy car. / Bye quiet car." Simple yet evocative language is balanced by equally minimalist drawings reflecting a hectic and harried environment dominated by the internal combustion engine, often with cars leaving remnants of exhaust behind. Rieley includes face masks as everyone goes about their business. Turn the page, and it is a new day that is greener, calmer, and more pleasantly quiet. The kids are out on another walk; they pass an e-bus, a light-rail tram, and a plethora of people riding bicycles. Gone are the exhaust fumes as well as the face masks. "Hello vehicles / greener, cleaner. / Hello!" Endpapers reflect the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner-powered transportation. The adult and the older child have olive skin and straight, black hair, and the younger child presents White. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

Youngsters will enjoy identifying the various vehicles as they play along. (Picture book. 2-5)