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I Hate Everyone

illustrated by Cinta Arribas
(Pow! Kids Books, 2018)

Best of the Year Lists 

illustration by Cinta Arribas

I HATE EVERYONE made it into THREE of School Librarian Journal blogger and librarian Elizabeth Bird's 31 lists of chidlren's books for December 2018. 



<<Come here you sweet little weirdo book! You unapologetic charmer. Yeah, it's not going to go down well with parents that have a strict policy on the "h-word", that's true. But Danis is funny and the book shows that. Kids love it because of the contradictions. You can't top a kid who says not to look at her and then dumps a full bowl of Cheetos on her head in an effort to get attention. A hoot.>>



<<Already made a nice appearance on the funny picture books list, but please make no mistake when I tell you that it's a strange little buggy. First off, using the word "Hate" not just in the title but repeatedly in the text is normally considered a real no-no by publishers. Some parents, after all, avoid the word like the plague. Its got guts, this book. To those nervous parents, I should report that I've read this to my own kids multiple times and neither the seven nor the four-year-old have ever used the word once. So it doesn't have some magical properties that will turn your children rude. Phew!>>


And finally BEST BELOVED PICTURE BOOKS. <<The titles closest to the heart of the children's book community.>>


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Jemima Shafei-Ongu Writer (Australia) on Facebook

<<Once in a while, a wonderfully written book comes along that makes you laugh and relate and learn and love all at the same time. Naomi Danis's I Hate Everyone (illustrated marvellously by Cinta Arribas) captures the roller coaster of emotions that is so often experienced by young children (and all of us, really). Yet, with therapeutic skill and understanding, along with creative talent, Danis so respectfully demonstrates the power of relational attachment that parents can bring to a young person's emotionally difficult experiences, to support growth and learning. This is SO one of my favourite books.>>