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I Hate Everyone

illustrated by Cinta Arribas
(Pow! Kids Books, 2018)

Best of the Year Lists 

illustration by Cinta Arribas

I HATE EVERYONE made it into THREE of School Librarian Journal blogger and librarian Elizabeth Bird's 31 lists of chidlren's books for December 2018. 



<<Come here you sweet little weirdo book! You unapologetic charmer. Yeah, it's not going to go down well with parents that have a strict policy on the "h-word", that's true. But Danis is funny and the book shows that. Kids love it because of the contradictions. You can't top a kid who says not to look at her and then dumps a full bowl of Cheetos on her head in an effort to get attention. A hoot.>>



<<Already made a nice appearance on the funny picture books list, but please make no mistake when I tell you that it's a strange little buggy. First off, using the word "Hate" not just in the title but repeatedly in the text is normally considered a real no-no by publishers. Some parents, after all, avoid the word like the plague. Its got guts, this book. To those nervous parents, I should report that I've read this to my own kids multiple times and neither the seven nor the four-year-old have ever used the word once. So it doesn't have some magical properties that will turn your children rude. Phew!>>


And finally BEST BELOVED PICTURE BOOKS. <<The titles closest to the heart of the children's book community.>>


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